Gavrial Traezier or also known as Gabe Traezier is a character also appearing in The Alxerian Tales.

In Alxerian TalesEdit

In the Alxerian Tales,Gavrial appeared first in Chapter 14 wherein he is with Alicia in their rise as married couples.In which at first they are insinuating the Hexans but then later they showed up and introduced themselves as the owners of the mansion.

In Chapter 16,as spirits,Gerssick revealed that they were being ...............\\

People along HimEdit

  • Alicia Traezier - his wife
  • Zeryn Zirlight - their master as encivil leaders along with Alicia
  • Zaern Zirlight - the one who helped them;possible son-in-law
  • Leaviel Zeryon - their daughter
  • Celia Lisa Traezier - their ingenuine daughter\
  • Crystallyx Gem Mother - their friend
  • (Alxerian History Beta) Zara Traezier - the Traeziers' tribe leader
  • Larry Kreese - said to be Le'aviel's paramour