Janice Avaine Divinia is a character from The Alphans. She was Jared's younger sister that has gone to Xazania Before Chapter 20,she is mentioned as the unknown sibling of the Supreme General,like the ones in A Territory Check ( XIII ) wherein Kar'ganj found Gerssick and called as 'Zarkon' while being ambiguous.In Chapter 9,Gerssick asks her status to Dhimeirann since he is the closest person to her in Xazania.

In Chapter 20 in which she has a debut,

People Along HerEdit

  • Jared Divinia - He is her elder brother.
  • Jerome Orvus Argon - her partner in the team


  • (In Version 3 and 4)Genaix's right eye is usually hidden in which the aqua-colored eye was placed into.It might be due to its difference from her original white colored eye as having the bloodline of the Zarkons or trying not to activate her second phase in which she has better accuracy and speed.
    • In the third phase,Gerssick stated that her odd eye turns red and her dagger turns into two connected broadswords of the same style and if one sword is flipped,can be an energy bow.
  • In Version 5 she got a graphical makeover.
  • Her former name before she was a Halzamerian was Jerica Naihara.
  • Her physical appearance,especially to the former style (in which her hair was properly arranged), resembles that of Cynthia of Pokemon although this was a coincidence after all.